Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond our own employees and mere compliance. We work with our customers and service providers on best practices for the environment.

2021 Sustainability Report

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Digital Transformation

Efficient Supply Chains, Offices, and Processes

Business moves fast these days. Expeditors helps your supply chain keep up with digital processes that enhance and optimize quality while lessening impact on the world. From paperless billing to electronic data interfacing to mobile connectivity with service providers, Expeditors digital transformation is redefining how business gets done in the logistics world.

Green Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization through Expeditors programs

Supply chains can be incredibly complex and varied. From simplifying routing options to demystifying customs regulations, many companies turn to Expeditors for our expertise throughout the supply chain, including optimization.

It is widely recognized that supply chains are responsible for up to four times the greenhouse gas emissions of a company's direct operations. Many companies have done an excellent job reducing their internal environmental footprint and are now looking to make their supply chain and logistics less impactful as well. Expeditors can help.

Our Network Solutions group specializes in working with our customers to analyze their entire supply chain, not just the freight moving with Expeditors, for opportunities to improve efficiency. Efficiencies include cost savings as well as CO2 savings.

We offer three levels of increasing complexity for interested customers:

  • Carbon Footprint Summary Report: High-level model of your current CO2 emissions across the network by mode, geography, and business entity
  • Supply Chain Carbon Diagnostic: Detailed assessment of supply chain flows with recommendations to improve network efficiency and environmental performance
  • Network Carbon Reduction Project: Comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions through supply chain optimization

What if you had real-time visibility to your entire supply chain with a constant analysis on speed, spend, and efficiency? Would that visibility change how you do business?

Many logistics companies offer a hypothesis-based model with sophisticated software to enable future state modeling. But once that first shipment sails, the data already begins to age.

With Expeditors' Living Model program, we take a hypothesis based case-study and continue to study it after implementation. Continual data inputs are studied to ensure that expected results are indeed achieved. This method allows for anomalies to be surfaced, including any deviations from agreed upon service levels.

Freight logistics are a dynamic environment. Given a customer's priorities, we can customize a solution to optimize time savings, CO2 savings, or cost savings.

Three reasons to pursue a green supply chain

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Employee Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to the people and places where we live and work. Our global environmental team is represented through our 16,000+ employees, who exemplify company-wide sustainability practices in more than 100 countries.

Employee led Green Teams at each location are committed to improving the environmental sustainability of their local workplace. Green Teams organize volunteer activities in the community and help implement Expeditors' Environment Stewardship Road Map for a more sustainable future.

Green Teams across our network are responsible for implementing waste reduction strategies and for tracking our resource usage.

Expeditors Environmental Leadership

Dan Wall

Global Products
Environmental Executive Sponsor

Dan Wall

Randy has 12 years of experience implementing technology within complex supply chains spanning a broad range of subjects including supply chain visibility, data analytics, advanced cargo sensors and trade compliance. Through various leadership roles he has built successful teams across multiple disciplines including data science, graphic design, sales, account management, military, insurance and security. His deep operational knowledge has allowed him to design strategic solutions with Fortune 500 companies. Prior to his current role, Randy managed a customer retention program spanning 1,000s of companies across multiple geographies. He is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker.

Todd Brown

Vice President, Security,
Health & Safety
ESG Executive Sponsor

Todd Brown

Todd is responsible for providing strategic advice and direction on security and safety matters at Expeditors, a Fortune 500 global logistics company, where he also oversees the company's Business Continuity Program and serves on the Cybersecurity and Policy Committees. He and his team support compliance with governmental security programs such as the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism in the U.S. and Authorized Economic Operator programs in Asia and Europe. Since 2012, Todd has been actively involved in risk control consulting as well as the development of advanced, technology-based service offerings that improve supply chain security by leveraging the Internet of Things.

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